Curtain-sided transports

Resilient, efficient and environmentally conscious - this is the service LKW STARK offers with its curtain-sided shipments.

Our 240 tautliners are characterised by their high payload of up to 26.5 tonnes, making them particularly suitable for heavy loads. One advantage of these first-class vehicles is that not only can they be loaded from the rear or the side, but some of them also have a lifting roof. As we attach great importance to transport that is as sustain-able and environmentally conscious as possible, only the latest and best Euro VI emission class is used in our trucks. We are also one of the few forwarding companies that provides vehicles equipped with Euro pallets. Straps for securing loads are also included and ensure that the goods can be transported properly. Our vehicles are also fitted with modern tracking systems, which can be used to access the current location at any time.

"Resilience on wheels" - that‘s what LKW STARK stands for.